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Bridging the Digital Divide for Senior Citizens: A comparative analysis of libraries across the United States

Alisha Short

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COE PD: Canva More Features (March 2023)

This videos covers Magic Write, recording your voice/video into presentations, adding in outside content via embedding, adding existing projects into new projects, and how to create websites.

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Lumio Overview (November 2022)

Overview of the tool: Lumio

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Why Would You Do That?: Service Learning in an Online, Asynchronous Seven Week Course (and with a Distant Partner)

Zoom Recording ID: 92383346159 UUID: KPTPA/gSQA2xp8HTU1eS1w== Meeting Time: 2021-06-25T14:51:30Z

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COE PD Nearpod (Spring 21)

Recording of the Zoom session covering Nearpod.

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Submit Your Celebration Presentation

Watch this video to learn the two different ways you can submit your presentation for Celebration.

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Create Your Celebration Submission

Create and record your Celebration presentation to prepare for submission.

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