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Bridging the Digital Divide for Senior Citizens: A comparative analysis of libraries across the United States

Alisha Short

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Using CINAHL for Nursing Research

This video describes how to access and navigate the basic features in CINAHL. It is designed for anyone interested in using CINAHL to find information to support nursing or allied health topics.…

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Research Question Tips

This video presents a general introduction to writing effective research questions. Research Question Tips © 2023 by Andrea Brooks is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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Introduction to Steely Library: The Top 5

This video is a basic introduction to Steely Library. It presents five frequently used or most recommended resources and services available to the NKU community.Introduction to Steely Library: The…

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Selecting a Search Tool

This video demonstrates how to navigate the homepage of the Steely Library website to find a relevant resource for research. Steely Library provides access to more than 200 databases. This video…

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Information Access Barriers

This video examines barriers to accessing information and discusses the concept of information privilege. This video was originally developed to support the Respect component of NKU's GEARUp…

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Database Searching Tips

This video will show you ways to effectively search library databases.Database Searching Tips © 2023 by Laura A. Sullivan is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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