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Submitting Video Assignments with Kaltura

Students can use Kaltura My Media to submit video responses to discussion boards as well as video presentations for assignments, and without running into the file size limit in Canvas. Learn how to…

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Canvas Rubrics (September '22)

Overview of Canvas rubrics

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Canvas Peer Reviews (January 2023)

This is an overview of Canvas Peer Reviews. Here is a link to a page that shows Peer Reviews for students:…

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Student TEAMS Training Video

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Hidden Gems in Canvas - Fall 2021 Workshop

2021 Workshop - Hidden Gems in Canvas

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Using Online Materials Created During the Pandemic to Create a More Active In-Person Classroom

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Re-thinking Online Discussion Assignments? A Teams Approach to Building Course Skills.

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Building Connections through Virtual Space

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Transparent Assignment Design (TAD): Going beyond the template.

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Supporting Students with "Invisible" Disabilities

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There is no "I" in TEAMS. Collaborate using Microsoft TEAMS in the Classroom

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Canvas Basics September 2020

One of the offerings of Canvas Basics in Fall 2020. In this session we covered Assignments, Announcements, Inbox, Grading, and Files.

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How to Add an Assignment to a Canvas Course Site

Guide on how to add an assignment in Canvas and link the assignment to the Modules page.

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How to Create a No Submission Assignment

Learn how to create an assignment that doesn't require a submission. This will help when there is an assignment already turned in to you because you can provide students with a grade or feedback.

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What are Weighted Grades?

Have you heard of weighted grades, but aren't quite sure of how they work or why you would use them? This video explains the theory behind weighted grades in simple terms and provides some…

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Finishing Touches: Advanced Canvas Tips

Topics covered: adaptive release mastery paths weighted grades peer review groups

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