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Concepts in Instructional Design: Myth of Learning Styles - Fall 2021

Third in the series of five workshops on Concepts in Instructional Design.

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COE PD: Podcasting and Audio Recordings

Zoom Recording ID: 93156608435 UUID: Ym9Vq23VRGSvphFt1z9yDg== Meeting Time: 2021-10-26T18:54:15Z

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Using Online Materials Created During the Pandemic to Create a More Active In-Person Classroom

Zoom Recording ID: 94728135719 UUID: YjcZMlYqS56EglmHI++HPA== Meeting Time: 2021-06-25T13:52:28Z

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Re-thinking Online Discussion Assignments? A Teams Approach to Building Course Skills.

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Transparent Assignment Design (TAD): Going beyond the template.

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Engaging Dual-Credit Early College Students During COVID

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Putting the Discussion Back in Discussion Boards

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Unlock the Next Level of Course Design: An Adventure in Gamification

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Streamline Your Course Design

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